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Educational Dimension (November 2018)

We are happy to announce that two important projects have recently become available online. They both relate to Tsippi Fleischer's educational activity.

First, the book "Harmonization of Songs", two volumes (in Hebrew). Since its publication in 2005, this textbook has filled a deeply-felt gap, since it provides a systematic treatment of popular music materials. The demand for this book has constantly increased after its printed edition had sold out, several years ago. Link: Volume A, Volume B.

Second, a multimedia educational project (in Hebrew) inspired by the composer’s Children's Opera "Oasis" (2010). This project is intended for diverse age groups – from preschool to the end of high school (music course of study) – as well as for music professionals. It contains four online kits. Link: Oasis Educational Kit

Enjoy your study! Everything is available for free downloading and watching.

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The Tsippi Fleischer Website Team.

Tsippi Fleischer - May 2018 Newsletter - Book, Film, Opera

Further to the event at Einav Center [in Hebrew] on March 22, 2018 we are happy to make it possible to watch the film "Tsippi Fleischer: Her Music, Her Life" [in Hebrew] and the Children's Opera "OASIS" [sung in Hebrew ], libretto by Yael Medini. It should also be mentioned that the Retrospective Collection has been launched in the Discography Section of the composer's website.

Following is a selection of responses to the Biography published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House and to the Opera.

Interviews in the Press

  • Amir Mandel's article , in "Gallery" section, Haaretz, April 29-30, 2018

  • Excerpts from Yaakov Bar-On's article in "HaMagazine" ("Where Are They Today" section), Maariv, March 12, 2018

  • Interviews in Radio programs

  • Talk with Omer Ritte , "Kol Hamuzika" (Voice of Music) channel, in the program "An Israeli Treasure" [in Hebrew], May 9, 2018

  • Talk with Baruch Askarov , "Kan Tarbut" (Culture Here) channel [in Hebrew], March 9-10, 2018 (Preview)

  • Yossi Shifmann's talk with Rivka Michaeli , "Nonstop Radio" Tel Aviv [in Hebrew], March 23, 2018

  • Reviews at Websites and Responses of Readers and Viewers

  • Review of the book "Tsippi Fleischer - Biography" in "Chai Tarbut" blog, March 20, 2018

  • Review of the Children's Opera "OASIS" (libretto by Yael Medini). Written by Hagai Yodan, March 27, 2018

  • Words of Prof. Mira Zakai, artistic music singer and educator, on the book:
    "A moving book, which is not only a personal musical voyage but also a journey through the time tunnel of Israeli identity crystallization".

  • Words of composer Sara Shoham on the opera "OASIS":
    "In the melodies of this Opera, Tsippi Fleischer draws a king of dunes in the desert sand".

  • Words of soundman Avi Elbaz, in his fluent language, after editing completion of the Opera's soundtrack:

  • "A unique work, an invigorating opera about Exodus; this is not the regular story; it has contemporary elements of our relationships with the Arabs, therefore, it is up-to-date. It is important for children today to be exposed to this story and understand its meaning. I enjoyed being a part of this well-kept and extremely professional production. The children's performance was extraordinary, exciting; no wonder that the opera received enthusiastic applause".

    The Hebrew version of Oasis has been uploaded to YouTube. It enables holding an educational project in Israel around this opera. Regarding elementary-school children audiences, diversified classification will be made. Our aim is to emphasize the humanitarian ideals of the story, allowing the children to absorb the musical experience. Secondary school pupils and students will become familiar with the musical language of this composition (structured around fourth- and fifth-interval cells) at various degrees of sophistication.

    An online-study-kit is under preparation, and will be distributed in autumn 2018.

    Tsippi Fleischer is launching a large-scale autobiographical book, edited by Dr. Uri Golomb. The book is published by Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House. The festive launch event will be held at Enav Cultural Center on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 18:00 . The film "Early Bird - the Life and Work of Tsippi Fleischer" will be screened: Danny Orstav interviews Noam Sheriff, Astrith Baltsan, Avner Itai, Avi Hanani and Naomi Faran, among others.

    The event will also feature the Israeli premiere of Fleischer's Children Opera "Oasis", which received several successful stage productions in Europe during the past decade. The libretto was written by Yael Medini. The opera will be sung by the Nona Children's Choir, accompanied by a chamber orchestra (conducting and artistic direction Nathalie Goldberg and Zvika Vogel). The Opera revolves around the world of the Children of Sinai during the Exodus. See details.

    Free admission, limited number of seats.

    The special show for parents and children at 17:00 is sold out.

    The publisher will set up a stand for early, half-price book sale.

    Updates on interview in the media (Kol Hamusika, Gallery Haaretz, etc.) will follow shortly.

    Please note! A Retrospective Collection has just been uploaded to the Discography page on the composer's website. It contains 133 files of recordings, covering 50 years of creative work: rare performances, radio interviews and special events. Furthermore, the Music Department at the National Library in Jerusalem is happy to announce that their entire Tsippi Fleischer website is now available in English, and that all music scores are accessible in digital format. Hebrew version of the site; English version of the site; contents of the collection; scores.

    Tsippi Fleischer Website Team
    In preparation for Christmas and the New Year, Tsippi Fleischer is proud to present the premiere production of her grand opera Adapa (sung in Akkadian). Prof. Shlomo Izre'el, who studied the ancient Akkadian myth, wrote the libretto after the original sources - with a dramaturgical plan devised by Yoseffa Even Shoshan and Tsippi Fleischer. On the basis of the ancient, obscure and enigmatic myth, Fleischer created a symbolic, sensuous drama. The international team of performers - soloists Stefan Goergner, Amnon Seelig and Eyal Edelmann, the Czech Baroque Ensemble Choir and the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Petr Vronsky - were joined by a team of audio producers and engineers, costume and set designers, painters and photographers. Together, they created a lavish, colourful production, in the innovative format of a video opera.

    We are also happy to announce that the opera has just been published by the Israel Music Institute - in full score, in vocal score and in parts.

    For over a year, the video-opera production was screened in varied locations in Israel and abroad, before diverse audiences, starting with the 2016 Israeli Music Celebration at the Tel Aviv Museum. It has evoked enthusiastic applaud. Now, more than one year after the premiere screening, we are proud to present the full production on YouTube in cinematic quality. A short film about the myth, the opera and the production can be viewed here; the full opera can be viewed here. A complete audio recording can be heard, and downloaded here.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    We are happy to announce that on November 14, 2017, the Belcanto Frankfurt Ensemble will perform Fleischer's piece Appeal to the Stars in a festive concert at Ran Beron("Stricker") Tel Aviv, 20:30. The ensemble arrives from Frankfurt for the purpose of taking part in VoxFeminae 5 Festival. Appeal to the Stars is performed in Akkadian with the usage of exotic percussions.
    Concert program is attached.
    View previous performances here.
    The next day, The Contemporary Quartet will perform Hexaptychon III as part of another concert in the above mentioned festival, at Beit Hayotzer, Tel Aviv Port (Hangar 22), 19:00. Entrance price is 50 NIS for each concert. Tsippi Fleischer's friends who are interested in attending these concerts will contact her through this email address not later than November 11, 2017, so she can welcome them, free of charge, at the entrance.

    We are also happy to announce a substantial expansion of the Publications sections in Tsippi Fleischer's website. We have added several articles about Fleischer and her music, interviews with her, and articles and papers by her. These additions include a comprehensive Master's thesis about the Beatles (1973); a comparative analysis of female self-sacrifice in Classical operas, comparing Cherubini's Medea with Gluck's Alcestic and Beethoven's Leonore (in Fidelio), 1995 (also in German); as well as Memories-Diary of Coptic Egypt (1994-1996) (in Hebrew).

    The year of 2017 is featured by a revival of early chamber works by Tsippi Fleischer.
    Song no. 4 from Girl Butterfly Girl was performed 26 April 2017 by the Soprano Sivan Keren at the Teiva, Yafo, as part of the 4th Vox Feminae Festival initiated and produced by the Israeli Women Composers Forum.
    Ten Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon was performed 18 May 2017 by "Trio de Canyes Vidalbe" (Oboe - Dolors Almirall, Clarinet - Queralt Roca, bassoon - Lleonardo Castello) in Barcelona during a special concert devoted to contemporary music composed for these three instruments as an ensemble.
    In Chromatic Mood for piano solo will be performed 14 September 2017 by Hagai Yodan in a recital devoted to Contemporary Israeli music for piano and harpsichord entitled "Now". The concert will take place at the "Ran Beron" concert hall (Stricker, Tal Aviv), 20:30;free admission. This recital is produced by the Israeli Composers League.
    We are happy to announce, on this occasion, the 8th visit of Ensemble Belcanto - Frankfurt as guest of the 5th Vox Feminae Festival initiated and produced by the Israeli Women Composers Forum. Appeal to the Stars will be performed by this group at the "Ran Beron" concert hall (Tal Aviv), conducted by the Mezzo Soprano Dietburg Spohr, 14 November 2017. The Israeli Women Composers Forum will distribute additional information towards the festival in November. This piece, sung in Old Babylonian, is performed involving exotic percussion. It was commissioned by this group, who presented its world premiere performance November 1995 in Israel (

      For Tsippi Fleischer's archive at the National Library of Israel, click
    here or contact