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VMM  Vienna Modern Masters
IMI     Israel Music Institute
IMC    Israeli Music Center
Fue    Furore Verlag Kassel
PEER Peermusic
         (New York and Hamburg)


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(handwritten scores will be digitized in the coming future)
Manuscripts and other materials on all works can be found at Archiv Frau und Musik (Frankfurt am Main), the National Library of Israel (Jerusalem) and IMI (Tel Aviv); for details, press here.

Composition Op. Ensemble Duration Year of
Publication On CD Video Audio
A Letter from Naguib Mahfouz
Text: Naguib Mahfouz (sung in Arabic, Hebrew, English, German, French)

Performed worldwide:
Berlin 2012  
Jerusalem March 2013   
Berlin 2015

75 Symphony orchestra
6:00 2012 IMI 4161 VMM 1065

Ancient Love
Text: Song of Songs 1
and ancient love songs in various languages

Performed worldwide:
Munich 2006  
Tel Aviv December 2009

67 Boys' chorus and lute
(a capella version available)
8:00 2006 Fue 7660 VMM 1060  
Avot Yeshurun Song-cycle
(three poems)

(in Hebrew)

Performed worldwide:
Tel Aviv December 2009  

58 Mixed chorus
and a small
instrumental ensemble
5:00 2004 PDF VMM 1060    
An oratorio portraying the birth of monotheism. Meta-text in Hebrew, Arabic and Greek compiled by Tsippi Fleischer

Performed worldwide:
Haifa 2012  
Jerusalem March 2013

72 Women's chorus, 3 harps, 5 violins 20:00 2011 IMC VMM 1065      
Piece no. 1 out of six short chamber pieces after Jabra Ibrahim Jabra's text "I'm Sick of You" (in Arabic)

Performed worldwide:
Tel Aviv 2004  


Mixed chorus 5:00 1996-7 IMI 7175 I

Opus One 175    
Text: Else Lasker-Schueler
(translation into Hebrew:
Yehuda Amihai)

Performed worldwide:
Beer Sheba 1986  
Düsseldorf 1988  
Bremen 1988
Los Angeles 1999
Tel Aviv November 2009  

16 Soprano, women's chorus,
two harps, percussion
18:00 1985 PEER
New York & Hamburg
In German 3143
In Hebrew 3144
Opus One 158

Like Two Branches
Text: Al-Khansa (Bedouin
poetess, 6th century,
Arabian Peninsula) - in Arabic

Performed worldwide:
Berlin 1994
Tel Aviv December 2016  

24 Chamber chorus,
two oboes, cello,
kanun/piano, percussion
(tar drums + supplements)
42:00 1989 IMI 7872 Schwann-Koch
Aulos 3-1420-2

Aulos Musicado

Innovated Classics


(in Hebrew)

From the press:
New York Times  

Performed worldwide:
Tel Aviv 2015


Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

  1981-3 PDF

previously Mifalei
Tarbut Vechinuch
The Nissimov Library:
Opus One 158
(complete cycle)
  No. 1:
No Hand Has Touched you (To the Mountains of Edom)

Text: Arnon Ben-Nahum

9 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

7:00   No. 358 Opus One 158    
  No. 2:
Don't Belittle the Tears of Today (To Tel Aviv)

Text: Bat-Sheva Sheriff

10 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

1:20   No. 359 Opus One 158      
  No. 3:
Like a Soft Light (To Jerusalem)

Text: Yoram Ben-Meir

11 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

4:30   No. 360 Opus One 158      
  No. 4:
From the Salt of Your Waters is the Salt of My Blood and My Tears (To the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea)

Text: Uri Zvi Grinberg

12 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

4:30   No. 361 Opus One 158      
  No. 5:
Two Eagles and a Single Fig Tree (To the Lower Galilee)

Text: Esther Raab

13 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

2:15   No. 362 Opus One 158    
  No. 6:
There God's Garden Flourishes (To the Sea of Galilee)

Text: Yaacov Fichman

14 Mixed chorus a capella (S, A, T, B)

9:15   No. 363 Opus One 158    
The Clock Wants
to Sleep

Text: Miriam Yalan-Shtekelis (in Hebrew)

Performed worldwide:
Tokyo 1991  
Zagreb 2011

7 Children's chorus or
women's chorus
7:00 1980 PDF Opus One 158

VMM 2023
We Shall Lie Naked
Text: Pinhas Sade
(in Hebrew)

Performed worldwide:
Tel Aviv 2006


55 Male chorus and
two soloists
(contralto and baritone),
with live-electronics
3:15 2003 PDF + MP3 VMM 1060

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For further details concerning handwritten manuscripts, sketches and compositional processes apply to the National Israeli Library in the Hebrew University Jerusalem: Archive No. Mus. 121.